Spinal Cord Stimulator Trial

For the last 3 and 1/2 years I have suffered from chronic pain. I suffered a spine injury in September 2013, since that time I have undergone various injections, 4 spine surgeries, countless hour of physical therapy and electro-acupuncture. I anxiously await the newest treatment; a Spinal Cord Stimulator.

Tomorrow I begin a 10 day trial for a new Nevro HF 10 Spinal Cord Stimulator.  Spinal Cord Stimulators have been around for a long time but like all technology it is continuously evolving. Spinal Cord Stimulators all use insulted wires or leads to generate electric pulses that calm the nerve and effectively change the signal of pain to the brain to a different more tolerable sensation. What makes the Nevro HF 10 Spinal Cord Stimulator unique is the High Frequency (HF), by using a High Frequency electrical signal Nevro claims to significantly reduce the side effect of Paresthesia which can be an unpleasant buzzing tingling feeling.

The Nevro HF 10 Spinal Cord Stimulator also allow you to drive with the device on, which many other Spinal Cord Stimulators do not. It is a FDA approved device and is the only Spinal Cord Stimulator device to have received a superiority designation fro the FDA. Though there are some drawbacks such as nightly charging of the device; as well as MRI restrictions that accompany the device.

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