Spinal Cord Stimulator Trial: Day 5

Day 5. Last night was perhaps the most difficult night yet. The pain and nerve activity in my leg kept me up much of the night. I changed the program on my Spinal Cord Stimulator at 10PM shortly before bed. The change resulted in a higher frequency pulse being generated in my leg and that lead to more spasms and nerve activity. It was the worst my leg had felt in a long time. It was very disheartening and a tough way to end the previous day. But as Monday began I didn’t feel any worse as a result of the stimulator change.

When I woke up for the day I re-set the Nevro HF 10 SCS to P2-6* it was something I discussed during my conversation with the Nevro Rep. Should I not react well to the increased setting then I could just try it in the morning. So I begin the day on P2-6* and should hope to see an improvement in a few hours.

As the day progressed I did my usual routine. Sit at the table and see how long I could make it before the pain and spasms started, then how long could I tolerate them before I had to get out of the seat. Today I saw some improvement, more than just a minute or two that I was able to gut out against the clock. I extended my time seated quite a bit, nearly double, I sat for 25 minutes straight without much pain, and was able to sit a bit longer before I had to get up. My pain while sitting wasn’t as intense as usual and seemed to fade a bit faster than usual, meaning I recovered quicker than I would have without the device. I was able to do this with my sitting test another second time with similar results as the first time. I even attempted a third time, though I din’t have the endurance left to sit more than 5-10 minutes.

Device set on P2-6*

SCS – Spinal Cord Stimulator

*The Nevro Spinal Cord Stimulator is programmed at the hospital with several pre-set programs. There are three programs P1, P2, and P3. Each program targets the spinal cord differently. Each program also has seven different setting that adjust the intensity or strength of the program. So a program may be referred to as P2-5 is Program 2 at the 5th highest strength of signal.

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