Spinal Cord Stimulator Trial: Day 7

Device set on P2-7* and Adjustment to P2-5*

Day 7, sleep was not easy. The incision area no longer hurt, but the abdominal binder was still a constant distraction from sleep. My pain symptom still persisted and the idea of the x-ray and lead moving was enough to keep me from a good night of sleep. I woke up feeling no different than the other days; no more pain no less. I was able to sit with my wife for breakfast for slightly more than 30 minutes, on par with yesterday. I spend the rest of the morning up and down form sitting to walking around and getting ready to go to the hospital.

The ride is an adventure, I haven’t been in the car in a week and it ’s very difficult to get in. Every bump reminds me of the incision on my back as well. Overall, I handled the ride better than I expected. I was sore after the ride, but that’s nothing new. Once I checkin I ‘m sent up to x-ray. I climb onto an X-ray machine while the x-ray tech, the doctor and the Nevro rep examine the x-rays of my spine. They are able to determine that one of my leads has moved and moved significantly. When I we thought I was running my SCS on the second program (P2*) I was off target by a good amount and ran a program similar to (P3*). The Rep was able to reconfigure the program setting in the computer and wirelessly update my device. The device was now set on P2-5*.

By the time I arrive home and have lunch I’m in a lot of pain. Today was a big day, a lot of sitting and standing, not to mention climbing on a table, something that made me uncomfortable physically and mentally. Climbing anything these days are difficult. After lying down and recovering for a couple of hours I’m a little surprised how quickly I have bounced back. I can still feel the efforts of the day and my pain is heightened, but I feel normally I would be much worse.

The day ends with me in a good amount of pain, but wondering if it would have been worse. Encouraged by the results I have left the setting at P2-5* for the night.

SCS – Spinal Cord Stimulator

*The Nevro Spinal Cord Stimulator is programmed at the hospital with several pre-set programs. There are three programs P1, P2, and P3. Each program targets the spinal cord differently. Each program also has seven different setting that adjust the intensity or strength of the program. So a program may be referred to as P2-5 is Program 2 at the 5th highest strength of signal.

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