Nevro Spinal Cord Stimulator Trail the Half Way Point


Sitting Time: 10-15 min to 35-40 min

  • Sitting longer with less intense symptoms at first.
  • Almost get the same relief as Lidocaine patches.
  • Pain still returns to high level just takes longer.

Recovery Time: Improved, it seems to take less time to feel better once I lie down, hard to measure though.

Driving: Seems the same, will try again tomorrow so far only 1 attempt.

There are some thing I discussed with the Nevro Rep Jon that are worth writing down while the thoughts are clear.

  • The results of my trial must be enough results to warrant a surgery.
  • There is no guarantee that I will get any additional relief beyond that experienced during the trial.
  • It is possible to get less relief from the surgery than was experienced during the trial.
  • It is possible to reprogram device if the leads move most times (93%-7% guesstimate) versus the need for a corrective procedure to reposition the leads should the move.

There are other takeaways:

  • THIS right now might be as good as I get.
    • There has been NO miraculous recovery. If it hasn’t happened by now, it’s not happening.
    • No real life changing effects, this will not get me back to my old self.

Some Positives:

  • This Achieved Some Minor Improvements in day to day life.
    • This is the best I can get right now, there is no other treatment.
    • Less Pain overall. I can’t say no to a reduction in pain.
    • Sit Longer | Stand Longer —> Do it in less pain.
    • Sitting for 45 minutes gets me closer to normal.
    • Maybe I sleep better?
    • Why not take any improvements I can get?

It’s been a tough pill to swallow, not just this trial but from my injury to my treatment everything was the hard way. Two failed micro-discectomy surgeries 4 weeks apart, a fusion  8 weeks later that was flawed, a re-fusion a year later that achieved little if any improvements. Now here I am another year later doing a trial for my 5th surgery that will improve my life only marginally. I just hoped for more, I hoped that this would allow me to get back to a normal life, working and driving, traveling. I didn’t expect 100% normal, but I did hope for more. Things seem kinda pathetic when you measure a success as being able to sit in a chair for 45 minutes or that there’s hope on day I might make an hour. That’s were I am, this is me know. The old me isn’t coming back. The old me isn’t coming back. That’s tough to admit, to write to say out loud.

It’s something I’ve know for a long time. And it’s something I try not to think about; something I can’t dwell on. I stay cautiously optimistic, with my expectations in check. It’s hard to let the bad things bring you down. It’s hard not to get excited with each new treatment or specialist that you might get better, that this might be the one. This has been an emotional rollercoaster.

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