Spinal Cord Stimulator Trial: Day 8

Device set on P2-5* to P2-6*

Day 8, sleep was a little better last night, and after a long day that was surprising. I woke up in the middle of the night very uncomfortable, with the abdominal binder itchy and my wires digging into my sides. The abdominal binder is a big polyester elastic that doesn’t let your skin breath very much, neither does all the tape on my back and sides, they certainly aren’t made for comfort or long time use. I would say most nights I wake up at some point with a similar feeling, I don’t believe I have slept through the night yet for this trial.

The day started well, I sat for 30 minutes with Lindsey this morning and again for 45 minutes a while later. Around 8AM I adjusted my setting to P2-6. As I discussed with Jon I would change this morning had I not done so last night. I felt good on P2-5, but changed the setting so I would be able to give my Nevro Rep a clear opinion on if it was working. I was able to sit three more times for extended  periods of 35 min, 40 min and 20 min. I had not been able to sit down for so frequently in a day in years. There was still pain that forced me out of the seat, but I was able to recover and go back and sit again.

I am encouraged I am getting some positive results from the treatment, to be completely honest I was hoping for a lot more. I was hoping to be like one of those people in the pamphlet saying how “it changed my life the instant it turned on.” But this was not the case, there were certainly results, were they life changing? Were they enough to justify a 5th surgery? At first I’m not so sure; yes I can sit longer with less pain, but I went from 10-15 min to 35-40 min so far; I don’t know if thats life changing. I don’t know if it’s worth surgery, a recovery and all that comes with it.

I am firmly sitting on the fence.

Today was I good day, I sat for long periods of time and I recovered quicker than with out the device. Driving was interesting, this was the first time since the start of Spinal Cord Stimulator trial. The first few days after the trial I was too sore to attempt driving, plus we got a foot and a half of snow over two days. The snow and the pain were enough to keep me inside. A second storm good for another 4-5 inches kept me in for the rest of the week. So after a lot of sitting today I thought I should at least get out there; it was not far and not for long, perhaps 10-12 minutes but I got out there and drove. I had no real improvements in my comfort driving, holding the break was a little easier. My foot seemed a little funny and took a little getting used to on the pedals.

We talked tonight a lot about the device, my results and if it’s worth doing another surgery. There’s a lot to discuss and tonight was the opening round; What do we both think so far? Impressions to this point?

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