Spinal Cord Stimulator Trial: Day 10

Device set on P2-6* change to P3-5*

Day 10, began much like the others, after a tough night of sleep. I had heightened nerve activity after adjusting my program settings last night. I did eventually fall asleep but I woke up during the night and it took a long time to fall back to sleep and then I woke up early. I swear I will sleep for a week when this trial is over.

The trial is starting to wear on me. I’m tired of the abdominal binder, tired of the wires, dying for a shower. I’m also tired of the restrictions, I lived in a world of limitations prior to having the device wired into my back, yet somehow I can’t wait for this to over so I can go back to that. Before I had the Nerve Stimulator I could bend over, it would hurt and I would have to do it carefully but nothing was going to move or pull or come out of place. I still have pain, now it comes with more limits and more stress. Everyday activities require more thought, more stress and more worry.

Today when I spoke with my Nevro Rep it was reassuring, this morning having coffee with my wife I was ready to just be done with it. I had wrongly inferred from my conversation with Jon yesterday that I was running out of options with the device. If that was the case I was ready to end the trial sooner than later if I had already seen all there is to see; as far as results go. He assured me there were still more options and they loaded more programs on my device when we went in for a readjustment on Wednesday. There are more setting to try and still hope for improved results. We changed my setting to P3-5* with the plan to change it before bed if I didn’t notice any major improvements before then to P3-6.* I decided to leave the device on P3-5* for the night so I didn’t have any unexpected increase in symptoms like the other night. As it was sleep was tough and I was restless. I think P2-5|6 worked the best then P2-7*B.

Some things to consider based on our conversation today

  • The SCS surgery is less invasive.
  • The SCS surgery is not structural.
  • Recover involves limits to motion for leads, not due to trauma, screws or bone grafts.
  • The device is reversible or can be simply shut off.
  • Removing the device is minor a procedure.
  • Results are considered good.
  • We have far exceeded my previous limits.

SCS – Spinal Cord Stimulator

*The Nevro Spinal Cord Stimulator is programmed at the hospital with several pre-set programs. There are three programs P1, P2, and P3. Each program targets the spinal cord differently. Each program also has seven different setting that adjust the intensity or strength of the program. So a program may be referred to as P2-5 is Program 2 at the 5th highest strength of signal.

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