2 Weeks Post Spinal Cord Stimulator

Two weeks have past since the end of my Spinal Cord Stimulator Trail and things are firmly settled into their old limits. The device is a memory and my pain is as if the trial never happened. The world around me has constricted to its old limits; a 10 minute drive maybe 12-15 if there isn’t a lot of stop lights and traffic forcing me to keep my right foot on the break.

If I was 90% sure when I met with Dr.Gill last week, now I’m 99% sure I want the device. I still hate the idea of another surgery. And I hate the idea of surgery for the limited results I gained from the trail. But I got a glimpse at less pain and less limits, and I’m having trouble adjusting back to that, to spending all of my time lying down or standing and Lidocaine patches any time I need to go out for more than an hour.

There is still some catching up to do in regards to my strength and endurance, both at the gym for my therapy and just in my everyday life. I am still getting tired after a short bit on my feet. Swimming has been out of the question I don’t have it in me to have to active days in a row. It won’t be much longer though until my strength and endurance is back to pre-SCS levels.

Now, I’m just ready to do the surgery and get it over with, it will be far less invasive than any of my other surgeries. There are no structural changes being made, no screws, no bone graft, no muscles being cut and sewn back together. This will be two small incisions and some very limited movement for 6-8 weeks. I’ve been through worse.

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