1 Month Post Spinal Cord Stimulator Trail

It has now been 1 month since my Spinal Cord Stimulator trial ended. The surgery date was been moved back a couple of weeks, part of me was glad to be able to put it off a little while longer. On the other hand, that’s two more weeks to think about it and have it hang over my head.

In a lot of ways this surgery will bring closure, this is the last treatment option available. There are no mainstream treatment options out there, certainly nothing left covered by insurance. There are some talks of stem cel treatments or neuro-prolotherapy but it is expensive and experimental. So this is it, for now anyways. We can make plans for the future, no longer going from specialist to specialist, or surgery or injections. We have lived holding our breath six months at a time; try this and wait and see, then try this, then that and finally try seeing another specialist. It will be nice to move on, this has been a tremendous burden for my wife and my family for years now.

Otherwise, things are the same as before. There is no more soreness from the device. I’m back to my regular physical therapy pace and strength; I’ve even managed to swim once this week.

My next post should be around the time of the surgery unless something new happens.

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