Post SCS Implant

The First 7 Days

This week has been a bit of a blur, so much so that it is not worth breaking down the individual days. For the last week I have been in significantly worse shape than I was prior to the surgery. All of my previously existing pain symptoms were not only present but they were made much worse by the  surgery.

I have two incisions, one mid-back were the doctors placed the wire leads on my spinal cord. The other is on my right buttock, where they implanted the device for simplicity rather than; Spinal Cord Stimulator or Electrical Impulse Generator. On top of my normal pain there is surgical pain. Additionally, the right buttock where the device is implanted is a prime area for my pain prior to the surgery and now I have swelling in the area; as well as a device that they had ‘carve out a pocket for’ that is very tender.

The Device will be turned activated on the 8th day at my follow up appointment., when I will meet with the Doctor and the Nevro Rep. The first week is spent in an abdominal binder and mostly resting.

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