I am now at 4 weeks since the surgery, things are improving; surgical sites hurt less but I am still sore. There has been little improvement in my nerve pain and my function hasn’t improved much but I’m getting closer to my pre-surgery self and the limits that came with that.

I went to see Dr. Gill at the hospital for my four week follow-up, while we were waiting I happened to see Jon my Nevro rep from the Spinal Cord Stimulator trial. The doctor was running late so Jon and I had an impromptu meeting. He checked my device settings and ran a diagnostic test between the two leads to see if they moved. The test was interesting, he sent a signal between the two leads to see where electrode A and electrode B lined up and compared it to the same test done in the operating room. The results were nearly identical so you could infer with some certainty that they leads had not moved, only an x-ray could tell for sure, but there was no need to suspect they moved. It gave me some peace of mind to know they had not moved, it was a fear of mine.

Next I met with Dr. Gill, he inspected my incisions and said everything is healing fine. The best news of the day is that I can start moving a little more and that at the 6 week mark I can start ramping up my activity a little more. It’s nice to know I can take the bubble wrap off soon, I can’t wait to be past this fear of moving a wire.

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