8 Weeks!!! I made it!!! All of the restriction I’ve been living with the last 2 months are gone, imagine 2 months without Bending, Lifting or Twisting. No Bending, Lifting or Twisting sounds like it eliminates just about everything. Those were my doctor’s and Nevro’s imposed restrictions on my physical movements but I don’t think my body would have allowed much more movement and activity. While the surgical pain has been gone for a little while now anytime I spent significant time on my feet, standing or walking, even just in the car my wounds would ache. Similarly the scar tissue on my spine still imposes it’s own limits on my movement.

My walking is improving, I can typically walk 1.5 miles and I’ve gone as far as 1.7 miles when I miscalculated, I made it home even though I contemplated calling for a ride when I realized my error. My pace has even improved slightly. The walk usually dominates my day, I need to lay down for a long time when I get back, end for the rest of the day I feel it and sleep is difficult. I’m doing more and I’m paying for it, but it feels great to be doing more; we’ve even gone out for dinner a couple of times. Sitting, driving and standing haven’t improved all that much but I feel like I’m recovering a little quicker.

Physical therapy begins this week, I will need to start slow after 8 weeks of very limited movement and weight restrictions. It’s exciting to be able to start to exercise again, exercise has been my outlet though a lot of this ordeal. And I also think the exercise has been a big factor in my improvements after my Spine Fusions. I firmly believe that a stronger back, core and legs are what allowed me to stand with less pain. I plan to share my exercises and physical therapy progress.

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