It’s been just over 12 weeks since the Spinal Cord Stimulator was implanted in me body. I’m happy to say I’m starting to feel like I did before this last surgery. The incisions no longer hurt and I’m starting to trust myself again, I can move without thinking about it first.

I started exercising again, at 12 weeks I picked up 6 pound weights and started some very light exercises. The plan is to start to slowly ramp up my exercise and activity. I’ve been walking several time a week and trying to go a little further each time.

The plan is to go back to the gym soon and start up my old Physical Therapy routine. I’ve got the ok from the doctor but my body does quite feel like it there yet. I’m still unable to pick things up off the floor and I worry about dropping my keys or my phone, driving is a bit of a concern too. How my body will react is still a bit of an unknown and getting myself home is a real worry.

As far as the device goes I haven’t really been blown away by the results. As I’ve said a bunch of times before; it’s been kind of difficult to evaluate the device. I’ve seen some improvement in my overall pain but not much 10-15% but I’ve been uncomfortable because of the surgery and stiffness from not stretching. The biggest improvement is in my recovery, I still get get constant nerve pain minor to severe. Pain still prevents me from driving long distances or sitting for more than a few minutes: 10min without an increase in baseline pain – 15-20min before the pain forces me out of the seat.

Now after a long car ride of extended time out I recover after several hours rather than the rest of the day. I can do something the next day after a car ride or a wedding. It’s an improvement however minor it may seem and I’ll take it.

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