In a couple of days it will be 17 weeks since my Spinal Cord Stimulator surgery. I would say I’m pretty much back to my pre-Spinal Cord Stimulator self with some small improvements.

My exercise has been increasing a little bit each week, I’m using 6 and 10 pound dumbbells now and occasionally the 15 pound dumbbells too. I’m walking further each week and was just shy of 2.5 miles the other day. These improvements are great and I’m happy to be outside and using my body again.

This increase in activity comes at a cost, my pain increases as a result. I need to rest after a walk or exercise and the discomfort lingers for the rest of the day and effects my sleep at night. I don’t recover as quickly from exercise as I do a car ride or night out. That should get easier with time, as it did before, and I’m in pain regardless of if I exercise.

My legs have gotten very week since this last surgery, it tough to trust them. I went through this before, after my last fusion I couldn’t get out of a chair with out using my arms to help me up. four months ago my legs were the strongest they’ve been since high school, maybe ever. With that strength came stability and confidence in my legs and balance, I don’t trust my legs like a did a few months ago. I’m looking forward to getting that strength & confidence back.

Not much has changed with the device. My numbers haven’t changed (sitting standing driving) neither has the reduction in my overall pain levels. Still I am seeing the same improvement in my recovery.

I have used all of the programs P1-P2-P3: 1-7 and have now decided to circle back to P1 again. I would like to retry those settings now that the surgical pain is gone. I set to P1-6 this morning, my Nevro Rep approved this. However, she did mention a follow up with my doctor and the Nevro Rep to x-ray and make sure my leads are intact and also load different programs.

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