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Epidural Injections An Epidural Injection is often one of the first treatments used to treat a herniated disc when physical therapy and prescription drugs fail. An Epidural Injection is commonly referred to as a Cortisone Injection or a Steroid Injection. The injection itself only acts to limit the inflammation and reduce your pain therefore allow your body time to heal. The Epidural Injection is a minimally invasive procedure. Internally there may be some pressure in
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  Your Injury and Your Doctor: When you suffer a spine injury it is (for most) a new form of pain. An intense and alarming kind of pain that eventually forces you to your doctor’s office. My Primary Care Physician asked me a series of questions and performed a series of simple tests. Such as walking on my heels, then on my toes; evaluating flexibility and comparatively evaluating strength on my left and right side. After
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Spinal Cord Stimulator Trial For the last 3 and 1/2 years I have suffered from chronic pain. I suffered a spine injury in September 2013, since that time I have undergone various injections, 4 spine surgeries, countless hour of physical therapy and electro-acupuncture. I anxiously await the newest treatment; a Spinal Cord Stimulator. Tomorrow I begin a 10 day trial for a new Nevro HF 10 Spinal Cord Stimulator.  Spinal Cord Stimulators have been around for a